DIN A4 Paper

《A4 纸》

《A4纸》是一组将象征现代社会标准化制度的A4纸作为创作的系列作品。众所周知, A4 纸作为国际通用的标准,为标准化以及高效的工作提供了保证。这个标准最初被魏玛共和国在1922年纳入DIN(编号是DIN 476)。其后被国际标准化组织的ISO 216定义为今日世界上大多数国家所使用纸张尺寸的国际标准。


DIN A4 Paper

"DIN A4 Paper" is a series of works using A4 paper as my object and medium. As we all know, A4 paper is the internationally accepted office paper size. It also symbolizes the in-depth standardization in modern society and daily life. The paper size standard was first incorporated into the DIN standard by the Weimar Republic in 1922 (DIN 476). It was later defined by ISO 216 of the International Organization for Standardization as the size of the paper accepted by most countries in the world today. It provides a guarantee for standardization and efficient work in modern society.

Such standards and norms somehow also bring rigidity, alienation, and boringness in daily life. I tried to introduce ink and glass beads. Let them have a new connection with A4 paper to resist the boring and standardization in everyday life. Large areas of ink dye are reminiscent of small accidents and "abnormal "in the office (spilled ink), which was released and indulged in this work. Through the high-definition scanning, the audience can observe the appealing abstract image and find some three-dimensional glass beads. The addition of these elements produces a more ambiguous relationship, a new image between abstract and concrete, two-dimensional and three-dimensional.