取名为Blow -Up,从创作的角度出发,通过在A4尺寸的透明的PV纸上用油画颜料进行创作,随后用扫描仪对其扫描。最终展示出来的画幅比原始A4尺寸要大六倍,A4原始尺寸在这个系列创作中像胶卷底片一样,被用扫描仪扫描,并随后放大展示。最后打印呈现出来的完成品,即包含又绘画式的手工痕迹,又带有摄影式或者说机械式的放大过程。Blow -Up系列中放大后作品,跟其他绘画相比它更强调“动“”,一种在A4原始图像里的点,线,面,颜色与情绪的被放大的动态。

It's named Blow-Up, from a creative point of view, create by painting on A4 size transparent PV paper with oil paint and then scan it with a scanner. The final display size is six times larger than the original A4 size. In this series creation, the original A4 size is scanned by a scanner like a film negative, and then enlarged to show it. The final printed presented finished product, not only contains the manual traces of painting style, but also has the photographic or mechanical Blow-Up process. Compared with other paintings, the enlarged work in the Blow-Up series emphasizes "movement", a kind of magnified dynamic condition of points, lines, faces, colors and emotions in the original A4 image.