Mind Game


It is a series of two spaces mingling with each other which are a physically planar space of painting and a stereoscopic space of photography. Two different lights (a light of paint and a light reflected from the glass) form in two different images in two different spaces as a result of being captured by scanner in the same time. The other space is the mental relationship between positive and negative feeling. Parmenides, a Greek philosopher, put forward a question in the sixth century B.C. that was he saw the world splitting in two separate part, bright and dark; elegant and vulgar; warm and cold; existent and inexistent. He thought one half is positive (bright, elegant, warm and existent), and the other is negative. I think these two distinctions are simple and incompatible with the complicated daily life. The burning painting in the background of Mind Game and the reflected glass symbolize the entanglement and transformation of negative and positive feeling, such as indulgent and restrained feelings, passionate and dispassionate feelings, vicious and virtuous feelings. These feelings seem to be contradictory but penetrate and resist with each other, like a mind game and wanting to be a winner completely depends on audiences’ mind.