Peach Blossoms Beam (title quoted from “The Book of Songs”)





Tao Yao - Peach Blossoms Beam title quoted from The Book of Songs”)


After grandpa's funeral, I climbed to the top of the mountain. As I walked to the peach tree on the edge of cliff, I used the scanner to move back and forth on the branches of the peach tree, and the light of the scanner was like a shiny comb sweeping the tree's hair. As The Book of Songs says, “The peach, lush and green, is blooming wild and bright. This girl's going to wed. Good for family life”. The poetry describes the happy event of a bride-to-be.  


In fact, this work was inspired by the end of my life. I encountered the peach tree because of my grandfather's death, and the beauty of the peach tree reminded me of "life".


The work was divided into two parts. One is a video describing the process of my scanning peach trees. The behavior of "combing" the tree embodies the ritual sense of life and death. The other part is the scanned images, which are finally combined into a long scroll, and put on the wall for viewing. It can be regarded as either a painting or a permanent video. It consists of both the concrete image of peach blossom and the abstract and twisted traces of time. It looks like nothing on the earth, both clear and hazy like our memories.

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