Peach Blossoms Beam (title quoted from “The Book of Songs”)


展示的作品分为两部分:卷轴图像, 录像与音乐




Peach Blossoms Beam (title quoted from “The Book of Songs”)

With my portable scanner, I made this long scroll picture. Once I visited my hometown - Zhangjiajie, in Hunan Province. There are a lot of steep mountains. I scanned a peach tree on the edge of a cliff. I climbed onto this peach tree, moving my scanner back and forth among the branches and flowers. The light of the scanner looked like a light-casting comb. It combed the peach tree gently, which has been ignored for a long time. The behavior of combing likes dressing a maid who is going to marry. In “The Book of Songs” (11th to 7th centuries BC), there is a poem.
“The peach tree is young and elegant ;
Brilliant are its flowers.
This young lady is going to her future home,
And will order well her chamber and house .”
The scanning gets new pictures in the track of time. I selected ten from those pictures and put them into one scroll, to bring it here.

The video recorded the process of my scanning on the peach tree. The "combing" behavior has a certain sense of ritual, like a ceremony to repeat the past. The music was composed by musician Wang Bo, who is living in Germany. This music gives the video a tone of sorrow. Both music and the artwork are a reverberation to the past. They carry my affection and memories to my hometown, to the water and mountains. Living in between the modern city and the villages, I have recreated it and present it here.