QingZhengquan, Evening




展览期间,德国时间10:00到18:00, 相当于中国时间17:00到凌晨1:00,我在家乡(吉首市)的母亲会带上一个心率测试装置,它会将母亲当下的心率数据实时传送到美术馆房间中的电脑里,并依据这个心跳数据,控制房间里的灯泡如心跳般地闪烁。

在这个空间里,进行着一场有关于我母亲生命的Live(直播)。“母亲” 不仅作为遗传学上生命基因信息的载体,此刻也化身为信息与信号,它以数据的形式从东方来到展览的空间里,使这盏灯,持续闪烁着生命的微光。

QingZhengquan, Evening

QingZhengquan is my mother’s name. There are two works about my mother, one is this one exhibited at K21, and the other is QingZhengquan, Morning. It is the other work about my mother and will be displayed in another Museum.  To me, the mother’s name is private, and the name of hour is followed, which are not only related to the temperament of the work, but also an extension of my private work. I hope that the work can touch some kind of emotion shared by people, just like that Michelangelo’s four statues of human body created for the Medici family were named ‘day’, ‘night’, ‘morning’ and ‘Evening’.

In the middle of the exhibition room, A incandescent bulb flickers (This light and space reminds me of the home in my childhood).

The frequency of the flickering is controlled and synchronized with my my mother's heartbeat, who is as far away as in China.During the exhibition, 10 am to 6 pm German time, equivalent to 5 pm to 1 am Chinese time, my mother, who is in my hometown (Jishou City), will ware a heart beat detector device, which will transfer her heart beat to the computer in the exhibition room in real time. Based on this heartbeat data, the bulb in the room flashes.

In this room, there is a live show (live broadcast) about my mother's life. "Mother" is not only a carrier of genetic information, but she is also transformed into the information and signals at the moment. It comes to the exhibition space from the East in the form of data. When the bulb glints, the life shimmers, as well.

视频 - Video:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OtawqPQI3Jk&feature=youtu.be