艺术家利用收集来的真的原始人的石斧与以及极具标志性的苹果的白色包装结合。表达一种古老工具与现代工具的关系。并且有趣的在《大英博物馆简明世界史》 找到了一段有关石斧与语言关系的佐证,更加深艺术家对Iphone盒子与石斧的两者之间的紧密联系。

They will be put in the green wood boxes for military use at the exhibition, let the audience ponder over the different meanings the stone carries in the long history. For Gao Yutao, one of the responsibilities of art is to blur the inherent definition of today, whether it is an object or event. 
The artist polished an olivine iron meteorite into a stamp and placed it in marble. It symbolises a call from the depths of the dark universe, as in the last words ofsay, “Come away, my beloved! Be like a gazelle or a young stag on the mountains of spices.”