Between Shuttles





Between Shuttles

As one of articles the most important but ignored often in modern society, wheels are a symbol of life and strength. All people’s fate experiences ups and downs as wheels roll. Someone drives the wheels or someone is subject to them. They go forward with carrying humans on the ground also go into the universe.

Seeing by a scanner, audiences can see lines of wheels in detail, appreciating grinding cracks made by time. Besides, in the works, stones of different types symbolize different space-time. For example, in Space No.2, paleontological fossils have been used; in Space No.8, stones, glass and ceramic chips are all from a benchland, and their edges smoothed by the river are reconciliation of human civilization with nature evolution.

A series of works about stones, such as Damocles’ Stone, discusses relations of the god, the nature and fate; just as what Hesse said, “There is a myth in the beginning of life”. The next Cave is about hiding gods to return to the real look and to pursue scenery in the mind. Wheel series, after the Cave series, pays attention to us on the ground looking at stars above our heads.